School Management:

This School is administered and maintained by the SUFFAH FOUNDATION of AKOLA. TheĀ organisationĀ is registered under the Mumbai Public Trust Act. of 1860.

Aims & Objects :

The main objects of the school are.

*To provided effective education for the physical mental and spiritual development of the students.

*To inculcate permanent spiritual, moral and scientific values such as:

  1. Faith in God.
  2. Self discipline, self confidence & punctuality.
  3. Cleanliness & purity of body and mind.
  4. Devotion to duty and hard work.
  5. A sense of humanism among the children through moral education.

*To organize all possible curricular and co-curricular activities that are necessary for all round development of the students.

Teaching Staff:

The school is proud to have a well qualified, trained experienced staff headed by a dedicated and competent principal.